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I will never forget the day in 1992 when I rushed to answer the doorbell and standing there was our new parish priest Canon Sheehy. “Just calling around to introduce myself” said the Canon. I invited him into the sitting room. “Will you have a cup of tea, Canon?” I asked. ‘Twas before the Father Ted era so I skipped the go on, go on, go on. Anyway, he readily accepted the offer. Fortunately, I had just that morning purchased a Kearney’s home baked tart. While the tea kettle was boiling I sat down and chatted to the Canon. Noreen, my twelve-year-old daughter brought the tray from the kitchen. “Would you like a slice of my Mam’s home-made apple tart Canon?” she asked. Canon Sheehy tasted the tart and smiled “ Delicious” he said “I would put it on a par with Kearney’s!” With that we all burst out laughing. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Canon Sheehy is an old man now but he still calls around for his cup of tea. Sometimes we have a scone or a pastry bun, other times a slice of cake or a slice of tart. Kearney’s is always fresh, always home baked, always has that special flavour. It is reliable and consistent. I would put it on a par with Canon Sheehy!